How Much Money Can I Save By Teaching in South Korea? [Video]
How much money can I save by teaching in South Korea? Video

How Much Money Can I Save By Teaching in South Korea? [Video]

People teach English abroad for a variety of reasons, but a common one, especially if you are just finishing college or university is to pay off your student loans and save money. Oxford Seminars Instructor, Heidi Bundschoks did just that when she went to teach English in South Korea. In this video, she talks about great ways to save money while teaching English abroad, and how living in South Korea helped her achieve her saving goals.

Saving Money and Paying Off Loans While Teaching in South Korea


South Korea is a particularly inexpensive place to live for English as a Second Language teachers and offers a wide variety of incentives for those looking to save their money and pay off their loans.  Many teaching contracts in South Korea either provide accommodations or include a subsidy for the cost of rent.  Healthcare and holidays are also often included, and some contracts even pay for the cost of airfare as well!

The cost of living in South Korea is also quite low. Income tax ranges from 3% to 10%, meaning that more of a teacher’s salary can be saved each month. Food and services are also inexpensive when compared to the United States, further increasing your ability to save money.

Some of Heidi’s top tips for saving money abroad are:

  • Do not go out for dinner and drinks every night
  • Limit your travel while overseas to cut down on airfare and accommodation costs
  • Purchase your own food and cook meals at home

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