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Teaching EFL as a Non-Native English Speaker

Learning the English language can be a long and challenging pursuit, and who knows that better than ESL learners themselves? Entering the English teaching world as a non-native speaker can be intimidating, but our Job Placement Advisors are here to help you find opportunities where your English learning journey is valued.

Many of our contacts in China hire non-native English teachers who are citizens of an English-speaking country with 120+ hours of TESOL certification. These placements come with generous salaries and benefits, and can be found in many popular cities. Those who have attended English-speaking schools from a young age will also be able to apply for lucrative opportunities in Korea and Japan, particularly if they have a minimal accent. If you don’t meet these requirements, don’t worry – there are also opportunities in Thailand and Vietnam for non-native speakers.

In Latin America, opportunities abound for non-native English teachers – teach in sunny Mexico, or venture further south to Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, or Uruguay. For current post-secondary students or recent graduates, positions are open in Brazil. If you’re just looking to get some teaching experience under your belt, volunteer opportunities open up even more locations, like Honduras and Guatemala.

Non-native speakers who hold an EU passport or qualify for the Working Holiday Visa will be able to apply for teaching positions in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia, markets that can otherwise be quite difficult to break into. But that doesn’t mean Americans are out of luck – our contacts also have short-term opportunities in cities around the US.

Finally, online teaching opportunities are always available for native and non-native teachers alike, and our Job Placement Advisors will be happy to help you apply.

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