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Teaching EFL without a Bachelor’s Degree

Having a bachelor’s degree opens many doors in the world of TEFL, but for those without a bachelor’s traveling the world to teach English as a foreign language is still very much an adventure worth pursuing!

In Latin America, Oxford Seminars’ Job Placement Service contacts in Brazil and Mexico prefer degree holders or current post-secondary students; however, they will consider all applicants that otherwise qualify. In Ecuador, teaching experience or an Associate’s Degree are all you need to apply. Those who have worked professionally in a business setting are also sought after for teaching business English.

In Asia, there are programs in China that offer paid internships to those without a degree. If you hold a 2-year college diploma or associate’s degree and TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate, you’re eligible to teach English in Taiwan, currently one of the highest-paying ESL markets in the world!

Opportunities to consider in Europe include language school positions in the Czech Republic, work-study programs in Spain for youth under 35 years of age, and English immersion childcare/tutoring jobs in France for those who hold a passport from a European Union member state or otherwise have legal working rights in France. There is also freelance teaching work with adult students in major cities such as Stuttgart and Munich, for those already resident in Germany and available for in-person interviews.

Those open to giving back to their host community as a volunteer are able to not only immerse themselves in a different language and culture, but also gain valuable teaching experience in desirable locations such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Cambodia, and Tanzania (for female teachers).

Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL/TEFL course graduate Dale Ezyk talks about his rewarding adventures as an English teaching volunteer in Colombia, Honduras, and Mexico in the podcast video above.

As international students flock to America each summer, there are also short-term opportunities typically posted for those with legal working rights in the United States.

With so many options out there for high school graduates seeking teaching jobs internationally, don’t hesitate and start submitting those applications. Oxford Seminars graduates can reach out to your Job Placement Advisors for more information.

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