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How to Fight Travel Anxiety While Teaching ESL Abroad

Preparing to teach ESL and travel in a foreign country can be an intimidating process. Enriching cultural experiences, thrilling adventures, and unexpected challenges all lie ahead. With such a big change ahead of you, feeling some travel anxiety and stress is very common. While no amount of preparation will ensure that things always go 100% smoothly or according to ...

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4 Reasons Why India Should Be on Your Bucket List

Due in part to India’s long history of British colonization, its population is generally very well-schooled in English. India itself has so many native Indian English teachers that the number of English teaching jobs available to foreigners is quite small. But for the ESL teacher whose heart is set on visiting India for an extended stay, you need not ...

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Make an Impact

3 Ways You Can Impact the World as an ESL Teacher Abroad

As a volunteer ESL teacher in a rural village of Northern India, I learned many things about myself and my relationship with the world around me. The economic and social challenges of my students gave me an appreciation for what I have, while their bright smiles and optimistic attitudes showed me areas I needed to grow.   How about ...

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