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Teaching English in Chile

Exploring a New Culture While Teaching English in Chile

Those of you who are interested in teaching English in Chile have probably heard of Santiago, and possibly Valparaíso, but I am sure that you have not heard of Angol, Chile. Neither had I until a few days before I pulled into the bus station. It was just before dawn in the middle of winter, and a grayish sky hung ...

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How do I teach ESL without speaking the students' language?

How Do I Teach ESL Without Speaking the Students’ Language?

I stared at my new teacher incredulously. It was my very first Spanish class, and she was speaking in Spanish, only in Spanish. After the first class I was pretty irritated, but after a week or so it started to make sense. If I was going to learn Spanish, then I needed to be in a Spanish-speaking environment. The same principle ...

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Do I Need Experience to Teach English Abroad?

If you are wondering whether or not you need teaching experience to succeed as an ESL teacher; here’s a quick answer: you don’t. Just speaking English, however, is normally not enough. English schools won’t just hire the first English speaker they come across. If you’re interested in teaching English abroad, you must demonstrate to them that you will be ...

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20 Common English Mistakes Not to Pass on to Your Students (Part 2)

20 Common English Grammar Mistakes Not to Pass on to Your Students (Part 2)

In July 2015 we published a blog post about 20 Common English Grammar Mistakes Not to Pass on to Your Students. The post provoked substantial discussion about the correct usage of many of the terms that it highlighted. Here are 20 more common errors to avoid passing on to your students: 1. Yet/already In colloquial American English using yet and ...

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In Class Certification_Main

The Advantages of an In-Class Teaching Certification

Imagine starting work as a mechanic with only a toolbox and the internet to help you. You would do a poor job, your customers would be dissatisfied, and your stress levels would soar. The same applies to teaching English abroad. It is, of course, possible to go abroad and find a job without a certificate, but starting a new ...

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