From Small Town to Big City, Teaching English in Japan
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From Small Town to Big City, Teaching English in Japan

Our Job Placement Advisors have experience teaching abroad and have been to where you are or hope to go. In this video, Allison explains what it was like to go from a small town in England to a big city teaching English in Japan. She also worked as as a teacher trainer and a corporate English instructor. As she explains, her 6-year tenure in Japan afforded her so many cultural opportunities from witnessing the cherry blossoms to visiting rich historical sites. Watch this video for her complete story.

An Amazing Experience Teaching English in Japan

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“Hi, I’m Allison and I’m a job placement advisor here at Oxford Seminars. I’m going to talk a little bit today about my experiences teaching English overseas. I was fortunate enough to spend just over 6 years teaching English in Japan. During my time there, I worked not only as an English teacher, but also a teacher-trainer and corporate English instructor. When I was a corporate English instructor, I was teaching at some of the major corporations in Osaka.

Living in Japan was an amazing experience. One that I wish everybody could have. Certainly, when I first arrived in Osaka – it was quite a daunting experience – coming from a small town in England and going to a large city in Japan was quite a transition, but one that I really welcomed. Japan is an amazing place to be. I experienced so many cultural elements: going to the Sumo; seeing the Cherry Blossom; visiting temples, shrines, and castles.

Being in Osaka (a central location) I was able to visit other parts of Japan and other parts of Asia very easily. So, there is so much opportunity when you are living overseas. I do recommend getting your TESOL certificate, certainly my coworkers did have their TESOL certificate and did get a slightly higher salary than me. I do strongly recommend doing research; making sure that Japan or any other country that you go to is definitely the best fit for you. At teacher placement, we do have a number of contacts in Japan that we can help assist you with your application. So certainly, I would really welcome the chance to help anybody else get the experience that I had.”

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