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Teach Abroad at Any Age

One common question that often arises for teachers over the age of 50 who are considering embarking on the journey to teach English overseas is: are there teaching positions available for mature teachers? Although the idea of teaching English abroad often conjures up images of young, recent university graduates, there are many opportunities available in the ESL world for more senior, experienced teachers as well. 

Latin America is one popular region with a variety of teaching opportunities available for older teachers. Countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico  warmly welcome teachers who can share their valuable experience in the classroom, for a variety of both paid and volunteer opportunities. 

If you’re considering teaching in Asia, several schools in Japan – once considered the ESL domain of young, adventurous travelers – have opened their doors to qualified candidates of any age. In China, the government maintains an age limit of 59 for issuing work visas, but many of our contacts welcome applications right up to that limit. 

Outside of the “big 3” in Asia, have contacts in Thailand  and Vietnam able to accept applications from qualified teachers between 40-59 years of age, as well as a contact in Malaysia looking for experienced teachers up to age 55. 

In Europe, our contacts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia consider all qualified applicants equally. If you currently reside in Germany, or have some German language ability, age is no obstacle for
our contacts in Stuttgart, Munich, and Lower Saxony. 

For a unique, off the beaten track teaching destination, our contact in Tunisia is looking for teachers of all ages for their schools in Tunis, Monastir and Sousse. And for those interested in teaching English online, we have contacts looking for energetic, enthusiastic teachers of any age for their primarily adult classes. 

With a wealth of exciting destinations and rewarding opportunities available to teachers over 50, age is truly no limit for those with the drive and desire to share their knowledge and experience with students around the world, as well as online.

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