Oxford Seminars Grads Review their ESL teaching jobs abroad
Oxford Seminars grads review their ESL teaching jobs abroad

Oxford Seminars Grads Review their ESL teaching jobs abroad

Oxford Seminars grads teach English and travel to a wide variety of different countries around the world. Read below for reviews from two of our grads, Nancy and Jason, about their experiences teaching English abroad. Nancy and her husband, John, both got certified and found positions teaching English in Mexico, while Jason taught ESL in China after he earned his certification.

Nancy’s Review – Teaching English in Mexico

Teaching English in Mexico

Oxford Seminars grads, Nancy and John, taught ESL in Mexico

“My husband and I decided that after our kids were done with college, it was our turn to live and teach abroad. After getting certified to teach English through Oxford, we worked with their job placement service to find just what we were looking for.”

“They made it so easy….helping us fine-tune our resume and cover letter, and helping us identify teaching opportunities that were a good fit for us. Fortunately, the first time they sent out our resume, we had a job interview and job offers within a week. And, two months later, we were in sunny Mexico, happily escaping our northern winter.”

Traveling in Mexico

Exploring San Luis Potosi, Mexico while teaching ESL

“We had a great experience at that school, and loved living in Mexico. We decided we wanted to teach again, even before we returned home. So, back to Oxford and we spent about a month looking for the right school. When we did, they sent off the resumes, and had interviews and job offers, again, within a week. We taught at another school in a lovely old city in Central Mexico.”

Teaching English in Mexico

Exploring Tehuacan, Mexico with fellow English teachers

“Next year, we’re off to Cambodia! Needless to say, we are big fans of the Oxford Job Placement Service. Their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. And, they had contacts at schools we didn’t see on-line on our own. We are looking forward to our next teaching assignment, thanks again to Oxford.”

Jason’s Review – Teaching English in China

Jason traveling in China

Jason found an ESL teaching position in China

“I had an opportunity to teach abroad in Changchun, China for WECI/V-Future in Jilin Province. The only word to sum up my experience living and working abroad is ‘amazing’. Finding employment abroad was easy because of the job placement service Oxford Seminars provided upon completion of my TESL.”

“I felt privileged to have an impact on the education of young kids and inspire my students to take a greater interest learning the English language. I enjoyed having the autonomy and flexibility teaching the required curriculum to my classes. Furthermore, I loved collaborating with my Chinese colleagues to build a strong relationship with my students.”

Teaching English in China

Oxford Seminars Grad, Jason, teaching English in China

“As much as I was able to teach my students, I feel that I learned more about myself living and immersing myself into Chinese culture. I met and worked with wonderful people from all parts of the world and I am happy that I have a couch to crash on in many countries.”

“The expat community was small where I worked so we were close, making the group feel like a surrogate family. Apart from traveling through China, I was able to also explore Japan and Australia.”

“I was able to have a fantastic year because I kept my mind open and maintained a positive attitude.”

“What I realized upon my return home is living a life of minimalism creates a life of freedom. Moreover, enriching my life with experiences and adventure far outweighs materialistic items.”

“Reflecting on my year abroad feels surreal and I would recommend the adventure for anybody wishing to expand their horizons and more importantly, educate young minds around the world.”

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